Pedestrian Safety

In 2021, we conducted a community survey and found that vehicular overspeeding, traffic visibility and pedestrian safety were among the top concerns. A study conducted by Devou Good Foundation revealed that 78% of drivers exceed the speed limit in the Hamilton Avenue Business District. The College Hill Forum also approached us to install traffic calming interventions in the business district.

In collaboration with the City’s Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE), We’ve installed double curb extensions at five key locations throughout the Business District.

📍 The crosswalk at Elkton Pl and Hamilton Ave
📍 The crosswalk at Marlowe Ave and Hamilton Ave
📍 The crosswalk at 5915 Hamilton Ave
📍 The crosswalk at 5922 Hamilton Ave (Pictured here)
📍 The crosswalk at Llanfair and Hamilton Ave

These curb extensions will serve as an effective measure to slow down traffic and enhance pedestrian safety. We’re incorporating beautiful murals inside the curb extensions. This artistic touch will not only increase visibility but also add a vibrant and appealing aesthetic to our business district. Stay Tuned for updates.

Building A Revitalized Business District in College Hill