Welcome to College Hill – an urban, comfortable, & livable neighborhood in Cincinnati that values diversity & community. There’s a little something for everyone here in College Hill!


…At Hamilton and North Bend

Developer chosen to create a site plan for all 7.5 acres. Construction to begin early next year.

…At Cedar and Hamilton

CHCURC acquired the entire Dow Corner building. We are currently looking to acquire tenants and improve the building.

…Off-street parking between Marlowe and Cedar

Construction has begun! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest pictures. #WestLotWednesday

…At the Historic Doll House

We are currently renovating the Doll House building and planning unique events in the lot next door.

Façade Improvement 2015-2016!

Many College Hill Businesses are getting facelifts! Check out some of the updates here.

New CHCURC Office on Marlowe

Stop by the CHCURC Office Mon – Fri from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Thank you to our donor, Elaine Efkeman for making 1551 Marlowe Ave our home!


Schwartz Jewelry Raffle for Derby Day 2019

Thanks to the generosity of Schwartz Jewelers, we will be continuing the Jewelry Raffle at this years Derby Day at Laurel Court! If you want a sneak peak at what you could win, take a [...]

Schwartz Jewelry Raffle for Derby Day

    This year we are introducing a new feature for the annual Derby Day Celebration! Thanks to the generosity of Schwartz Jewelers (recently voted the top Jeweler in Cincinnati), we will be holding a Jewelry [...]

District 5 Relocation Survey

Have you heard that District 5 may be moving to College Hill? Currently, the College Hill Plaza is one of the top choices for the future District 5 Headquarters. We'd love to hear your feedback. Be [...]

Memo from CHCURC Regarding District 5 Relocation

December 18, 2017   Harry Black City Manager City of Cincinnati 801 Plum Street Cincinnati, OH 45202   Re:      New District 5 Headquarters Dear Mr. Black, As you know, the College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment [...]




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