Building a Walkable Business District in College Hill

College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation is committed to revitalizing the Hamilton Avenue Business District.

Economic Development

In College Hill, we’ve attracted $86 Million in development to the Business District in the past 6 years while preserving and constructing 133 affordable housing units from KeyMark, Hollywood Apartments, Dixon, and more.

Affordable Housing

In the past six years, we have added and preserved a total of 133 affordable units in our business district. 

Small Business Support

In College Hill, we’ve established ourselves as an attractive location for new businesses to call home while at the same time creating programs like OurShop that provide rent-free space for businesses to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to call our home their home.

Community Engagement

In College Hill, we host free, family-friendly events year-round. Go behind the scenes for later development projects during The Avenue experience, enjoy a summer filled with fun events at Patrick’s Park, and bring the holiday spirit to the avenue with Light Up College Hill.