DORA College Hill

Finished eating at one of our many delicious restaurants, but want to take your drink with you? Looking to have a picnic in Patrick’s Park with a few beverages? Now you can! Enjoy a cocktail outside in College Hill! 

DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) is a designated area that is exempt from open container provisions. Meaning, if you purchase an alcoholic beverage from a DORA-designated liquor permit holder, you can leave the premises and continue enjoying your beverage outside within the DORA boundaries.

College Hill’s DORA boundaries will include Hamilton Ave, and extend from Cedar Ave to Wittlou Ave. It will run from 5–11 PM Monday–Friday and 12–11 Saturday–Sunday.

Participating Businesses Include:

Kiki, Brink Brewing Co., MashRoots, Sleepy Bee, Tortilleria Garcia

Dora Stickers

Keep a look out for these DORA stickers along the avenue!

RED stickers indicate where the boundaries stop

GREEN stickers dictate participating business that sell beverages in DORA Cups.

WHITE stickers indicate participating businesses that welcome DORA CUPS