​Llanfair Retirement Community chefs and staff prepared a delightful meal.  CHCURC is grateful for our partnership with LRC and thanks Sheena Parton, LRC Executive Director for their generous hospitality.

Nearly 120 people attended CHCURC’s annual meeting “Already in Action!” on Feb. 4.  Presentations from CHCURC President Mike Cappel and city Director of Trade and Development Oscar Bedolla illustrated revitalization projects planned and underway in the College Hill business district.

CHCURC names Executive Director Michael Kintner, pictured with wife Alecia Kintner, Pres. and CEO of ArtsWave.
We welcome Mr. Kintner’s breadth of experience and look forward to his start date in early March.

Russ Hairston, featured speaker Oscar Bedolla, City of Cincinnati Dir. of Trade and Development, and wife Tammi Bedolla attend CHCURC’s annual meeting “Already in Action!”

CHCURC Board of Directors, Tim Sexton, Beth McLean, Patrick Ewing, Mike Cappel, Marty Schwartz, Jake Samad, Juanita Canfield, Sheena Parton, Cheryl Meadows, Michael Kintner, Exec. Dir., Judy Moyer (not pictured: Bill Huwel, Jim Lay, Charley Pittinger, Tony Thompson).