College Hill is an active urban village (Visit with eclectic businesses and restaurants. CHCURC is leading exciting commercial real estate development projects for 2015 and beyond. You’ll be seeing lots of improvements along the Avenue next year.

Our business district (Discover the Avenue map link) along Hamilton Avenue is surrounded by tree-lined neighborhoods, with comfortable, safe and affordable homes for young and old families.

We’re supported by strong schools, churches, parks and recreational opportunities. Our diverse civic organizations are vibrant, with strong participation by residents and businesses. We enjoy great community events in College Hill every year.

Convenient Transportation

One of most appealing aspects of College Hill is its convenient proximity to downtown Cincinnati, and ease of transport to all Cincinnati communities via regular north-south and east-west bus routes.

College Hill has great bus service downtown (NS) on #17, and across town (EW) on #41. Hamilton Avenue has been identified as a prime corridor for future bus rapid transit (BRT). Many residents already use the bus for daily commutes. A sheltered bus station at Hamilton and North Bend Road is in the plan!

College Hill is a growing community with a very bright future. Come check us out!

College Hill is known for its pleasant, tree-lined neighborhoods within walking distance of our business district and transport hubs. Large retirement homes – several more than a century old – make the neighborhood a haven for elderly people, while an abundance of affordable, cottage-style homes attract young families. Neat apartments, many dating from the 1920s, accommodate renters.

SCHOOLS. College Hill is fortunate in having a diversity of thriving public and private schools, easily accessible to the community. They include both elementary schools and high schools, public and private.

CHURCHES. College Hill is a devout community, with churches with diverse denominations and active congregations. Contacts for College Hill churches are here.

Christ’s Community in College Hill is an initiative of nine, inter-denomination churches serving College Hill. They build bridges across racial, cultural, economic, social and denominational lines to meet the needs of the College Hill community.   Services include utilities and rent assistance, a food pantry, summer day camp, and holiday gift baskets.

Parks and Recreation

College Hill is surrounded by parks and recreation areas, from Laboiteaux Woods on the south (off Hillcrest Ave) to McEvoy Park and Crawford Commons (photo) on the north, along North Bend Road. Not far away are extensive natural areas in Mount Airy Forest and Winton Woods.

We have a thriving Recreation Center on Belmont Avenue with courts, indoor running, and exercise equipment, easily accessible and affordable.   We have numerous ball fields and walking paths in College Hill, enjoyed by many residents every day.

Our College Hill Branch Library on North Bend Road offers friendly and convenient library services to residents and Pleasant Hill Academy students. They offer many educational programs, and have a lunch program for children during the summer.


Thriving Businesses

College Hill has a growing and vibrant array of businesses and entertainment venues. Our current commercial property redevelopment projects along Hamilton Avenue are sure to bring more. Discover the Avenue.

College Hill’s restaurants offer great food, drinks and fun, and are popular with residents and visitors from all over Cincinnati. They include: