The College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CHCURC) is a leading, non-profit civic organization in College Hill. Our mission is to revitalize the Hamilton Avenue business district to strengthen the surrounding College Hill community. We work closely with other civic organizations to promote College Hill in all aspects.

CHCURC’s vision for College Hill is simple:

That College Hill’s Hamilton Ave. business corridor is the thriving “Avenue” that includes:

• A varied array of appealing markets, shops, businesses and residences
• Convenient access to safe parking and public transportation
• Walkability and attractive green space
• A mix of cultural and entertainment venues that attract both residents and visitors

CHCURC advances its mission on multiple fronts:

• Property acquisition, development and management
• Land-banking
• Coordination with other CH civic organizations
• Grants and fundraising for property development
• New business development