“In May 2014, CHCURC purchased the prominent Dow Corner buildings at Hamilton and Cedar Avenues, across from PNC Bank (5901/5905 Hamilton Avenue). The properties include 7 street-level business locations, and 3 residential apartments above. We are in the process of renovating the buildings and upgrading the apartments, to be completed in 2015. We hope to attract new and stable businesses in the vacant first-floor locations. CHCURC will continue to own and operate the properties, and to reinvest revenues into other College Hill development projects.

CHCURC is excited to announce that we received a $35,000 grant from the Duke Energy Urban Revitalization Initiative for architectural and engineering drawings to renovate both the Dow Corner and former Doll House Buildings. CHCURC has begun the process to complete renovations and enable occupancy in 2015.”